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Anti-Wrinkle Revitalising Patch

Anti-Wrinkle Revitalising Patch

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Restore youthful skin in your 20s!

Our Anti-Wrinkle Revitalising Patch is a non-invasive, safe home remedy to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, restore fuller and healthier skin, bring back skin firmness and elasticity, as well as boosting your skin's natural collagen production.

Simply wear the patches overnight, it helps flatten out your lines and wrinkles while compressing the skin to prevent all kinds of new wrinkles formation such as gravitational folds, expression lines and compression wrinkles. 

Made of medical-grade silicone that creates a microclimate for locking in moisture and increasing blood circulation, it naturally plumps, smooths and rejuvenates your skin texture without painful and costly treatments. 


  • Pain-Free Wrinkle Remedy:
    A non-invasive, safe home remedy to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, restoring youthful, full & healthy skin in your 20s.

  • Hydrate Skins & Enhance Elasticity:
    Rejuvenate and bring back the firmness and elasticity of the skin, as well as boosting the skin's natural collagen production.

  • Prevents New Wrinkle Formation:
    Creates a microclimate that locks in moisture, increases blood flow for preventing all kinds of new wrinkles formation such as gravitational folds, expression lines and compression wrinkles. 

  • Easy To Use:
    Simply wear the patches overnight or in leisure to flatten out your lines and wrinkles. It remains on your skin whether you use them while sleeping, getting ready, or simply relaxing at home. 

  • 100% Safe & Reusable:
    Made of medical-grade silicone and adhesive that is effective and cause no harm to your skin. Soft, comfortable and reusable. Hypoallergic, even for sensitive skin. 

  • Focus On All Parts:
    Seamlessly target every area of the face from between the brows to under the eyes. From crow's feet to smile lines to elevens, you'll find a uniquely shaped patch for pretty much any pesky wrinkle and fine line. Features a heart-shaped chest pad for tackling saggy breasts.


  • Material: Medical-grade Silicone 



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