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Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Ultrasonic Washing Machine

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Traveling With Your Washing Machine Just Made Possible!

Our UltraSonic Portable Washing Machine takes the hassle and strains out of everyday household chores! small and compact washing machine to clean the dishes after dinner or cooking. It sits comfortably on countertops or tabletops that require less space.

With four-stage cycle cleaning, the acoustic energy carried by the super vibration wave is a cavitation phenomenon in the liquid, which will generate a large number of pressure explosive microscale bubbles. The air bubbles burst rapidly to generate shock waves, and the surface of the dishes is constantly brushed. These gaps can cause stubborn dirt to crack, emulsify, and peel. As a result, cleaning is achieved. In addition, this mini dishwasher is light and compact for easy carrying; suitable for family, business travel, travel, camping. You can send your lover an ultrasonic dishwasher.


  • Cleaner Results: This powerful dishwasher has four-stage cycle cleaning, high-frequency vibration cavitation, and high-pressure waves that can accelerate the dispersion and emulsification, and peeling of liquids and stains to achieve better cleanliness.
  • Multi-functional: It can be used in glasses, jewelry, fruits, vegetables, and so on, powerful
  • Oxidation Bubble: High-pressure water sprays water in the air, thousands of bubbles burst in the water, producing oxidized bubbles, accelerating the dish stains.
  • Versatile: Portable ultrasonic washing machines can not only wash a few clothes, clothes, towels, underwear, socks, T-shirts, toys, or other small loads and deli laundry rooms but also clean jewelry, glasses, fruits, vegetables, and tea sets.
  • USB Power Supply: Our Mini Dishwasher is recharged via USB and you can connect your mobile device, free of installation, convenient, waterproof, cleaner cleaning. It features a bubble spray brush, 2D flow, immersion cleaning, ultrasonic wave.
  • Portable Widely Use: This mini dishwasher is lightweight and compact, easy to carry, suitable for home, business trip, travel, camping.


  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Rated Voltage: 10V
  • Rated Power: 6W
  • Personal Laundry Capacity: 10KG
  • Colour: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 100x5m
4 Speed  Adjustable Version - It has 4 Adjustable speed options by using the remote
Selecting A Option : 2minutes turbo forward and reverse.
Selecting B Option : Turbo positive and negative
Selecting C Option : Ultrasonic Vibration Cleaning 
Selecting D Option : Bubble Cleaning Option

Automatic Version : This does not have the remote control .  So you don't have the 4 adjustable speed option function.  It automatically does cycle cleaning , turbine, ultrasound and bubble cleaning as per the set function. 



  • 1 x Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine


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