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Iron Line Flower Vases

Iron Line Flower Vases

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These Iron Line Flower Vase is a unique piece of  minimalism art.  It is a must have for artistic people. When you place living plants in this vase, it looks a class apart.


  • Product name:   Wire
  • Vase Material :   Iron
  • Feature:   Minimalism Single
  • Weight:    about 100g
  • Precautions:  The crafts are not absolutely perfect, there are some flaws in the welding parts, and a small amount of unobvious positions are off the paint is normal

Note:Does not contain glass cups

SHIPPING Worldwide

  • Please allow 12-30 days for delivery


  • Type A: width 12cm, height 23cm, bottom diameter 12cm

  • Type B: width 12cm, height 16cm, bottom diameter 6.5cm

  • Type C: width 24cm, height 23.5cm, bottom diameter 6.5cm

  • Type D: width 15cm, height 20cm, bottom diameter 6.5cm

  • Type E: width 12cm, height 14.5cm, bottom diameter 12cm

  • Type F: width 10.5cm, height 23cm, bottom diameter 9cm

  • Type G: width 16cm, height 18cm, bottom diameter 10cm

  • Type H: 11cm in width, 15.5cm in height, and 11cm in diameter at the bottom


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    Shipping Worldwide

    Please give 12-30 days for delivery