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Invisible Wings Push Up Deep-U Bra

Invisible Wings Push Up Deep-U Bra

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No more droopy boobs & unsightly bra strips on your elegant backless & off-shoulder dresses / tops!

The NEW Invisible Wings™ Push Up Deep-U Bra securely stays on & madly pushes up your breasts for an enchanting, uplifted & youthful curve.

The advanced version incorporates the Invisible Wings™ design to strengthen the push up support effect, ensuring the bra stay put all day long.

Crafted with medical grade self-adhesive silicone, the invisible bra gives you full support without straps or a trace.
High-strength stickiness keeps your breast in the best look without worrying about falling off while giving a comfortable bra-free experience!


  • Deep-U plunge shape cradling busts securely

  • Instantly lifts & supports breasts even for plus size users
  • Anti-sagging & anti-chafing
  • Long stay up power with sensitive skin friendly strong medical grade adhesive
  • Reusable & structured against deformation 
  • must-have for backless halter top, low cut items, deep V-neck clothing and any sexy dress styles


  • Size:
    • A: 70A(32A) 70B(32B) 75A(34A) 80A(36A)
    • B: 70C(32C) 75B(34B) 80B(36B) 85A(38A)
    • C: 85B(38B) 75C(34C) 80C(36C) 70D(32D)
    • D: 85C(38C) 75D(34D) 80D(36D) 85D(38D)
    • E: 90B(40B) 90C(40C) 85E(38E) 80E (36E) 
  • Color: Beige / Black


  1. Start with clean, dry skin without any moisturizers, soap, powders and perfumes. 
  2. Remove protective films from bra and safely store for reuse later.
  3. Stick on U Plunge Backless Strapless Bra where your normal bra would sit. Use swoop and scoop method to place breasts comfortably into contour cups and re-stick wings for best fit. 
  4. Press and hold contour cups to skin for several moments to adhere the bra to skin.


  • Hand wash only with mild soap & cold water
  • Put back the protective films for storage


  • 1pc X Invisible Wings™ Push Up Deep-U Bra


  • Please allow 12-30 days for delivery


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